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With a vision that combines artistic sensitivity, good taste, and social awareness above all, in 2016, Brimbury Panama Hats, a collective of artisans protected and recognized by the National Board for the Defense of Artisans of Ecuador, was founded to ensure ethical labor practices and the economic activation of the marginalized sectors of the indigenous society.



We are in a perennial quest for more sustainable manufacturing processes by avoiding overproduction and reducing waste. We promote conscientious shopping. Producing each piece takes about two to three weeks. Slow fashion for smart purchases. Our designs are timeless and intended to be used season after season.

Our Materials

To be truly sustainable one should really contamine less. From the composition materials to our packaging, the materials used in the fabrication process are natural and biodegradable, with the exception of polyester, a minor component for the sweatbands. The alpaca wool used in our scarves is a natural and hypoallergenic fiber. In the same way, the dyes used are made from plants.

Artisan's Defense 

Recognized by the National Board for the Defense of Artisans of Ecuador, our collective ensures transparency throughout the production chain, and thus, better labour conditions for the people involved in the business. We have a commitment to the preservation of ancestral crafts and skills by sharing our artistic mastery with the world and empowering local artisans. 

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